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Seedsafe Private 12W and 24W bitcoin backups


Presenting the Gold Standard of key backup for simplicity and security

Design goals, apart from ease of use and physical resilience of the steel (EN 1.4401) plate:​

  • Minimise risk for errors at entry of the seed words.
  • Minimise exposure of the information as a whole at all times: never show all numbers.
  • Offer a simple lock-down and tamper proof feature.
  • Make it clear and easy to read the imprinted data at future recurring recovery drills.

The product has been heat verified in a furnace to 800C to resemble a house fire with the imprinted information being intact and readable after the process.

FOCUS YOUR EYES in same place for all seeds to minimise risk of errors at entry.​

SEAL AND BLOCK exposure of the imprinted information as a whole at all times.

RECOVER easily as you read and interpret the imprinted data for future recurring recovery drills.

How to use your Seedsafe

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12 word backup, 24 word backup