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SeedBin – Tamper Evident Seed Storage


Secure your washer stamped seed phrase in this tamper-evident seed phrase storage container. Perfect for storing your seed phrase in a non-trusted location.

The case comes with 5 individually numbered, tamper-proof seals that secure the case. After closing and sealing your seed phrase, fit one of the tamper-proof seals and make a note of the number on the seal in a private place. You can then verify that no one has been snooping at your phrase whilst it’s been out of your custody.

The case stores 25 25mm x 1.3mm stainless steel washers.

What’s provided?

  • One SeedBin
  • Five numbered anti-tamper seals

The steel washers and bolts are not provided but can be easily sourced from your local DIY shop

Please note. Our products are 3D printed using an FDM printer so there will be minor imperfections in the final product. The products are robust and high quality but the finish is not the same as an injection moulded plastic product.


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