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Bitcoin LNPoS Custom Design


Customise your LNPoS with a custom 3D printed case.

Click the “Customise” button below and use the design tool to add logos and text to your case.

Your case will be 3D printed so please be aware of the following

  • Please limit the number of colours in uploaded logos to 2 colours.
  • When selecting images, the bolder the design, the better. 3D printers are brilliant but there are limits to the amount of detail that can be printed. Lines less than 0.4mm generally won’t work well.
  • After receiving your order, we’ll probably be in touch within a day or two to confirm your design requirements.
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The LNPoS device has the following features:

+ Create “offline” lightning invoices – Payment proof is via a secret available when the invoice is paid.
+ Create online lightning invoices – The device will poll for payment of the invoice after creation
+ Operate as a Lightning ATM allowing vending of sats via a LNURLw QR code
+ Creation of onchain bitcoin invoices via an xpub on the device – The device will poll the mempool for invoice payment.

What’s included in the product?

+ One 3D printed LNPoS case
+ One LilyGo T-Display Keypad
+ One LilyGo TTGO ESP32 board
+ One JST 1.25 connector cable
+ One switch should you wish to install your own 3.7 volt battery in the case – The LilyGo TTGO board has a connector for a JST 1.25 connector.

What you’ll need:

  • If you want to run it without external power; a 3.7v battery of around 500mah –  1000mah
  • A computer to flash and set up the LNPoS

Flash your LNPoS device from a Chromium based browser using the LNbits installation tool.

Disclaimer: LNPoS and LNbits are FOSS projects. The LNbits shop is not responsible for the LNPoS or LNBits software and cannot support the configuration or reflashing of the LNPoS device. The LNbits and Makerbits communities are excellent resources and have plenty of contributors who will be willing to help you out.

We cannot be held responsible if you are unable to configure your own LNbits installation or set up the device with your own node’s settings.

Preinstalled firmware?

No, Yes

Device case colour

Red, White, Black, Orange, Bitcoin B symbol on upper, black lower, Black Upper, White Lower, White Upper, Black Lower, Orange Upper, Black Lower